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A song that makes me feel better

Sat Aug 1, 2015, 9:43 AM

Created at | Banner by C-91
  • Reading: Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
  • Eating: Ice cream

Almost August

Thu Jul 30, 2015, 4:50 PM
Anyone know where July went? I swear it was here before I blinked. 


I've just had one of those aggravating "just shoot me now" days. 


The friend I mentioned in my previous journal is pretty much keeping me sane. I can be about to explode and talking to him will immediately calm me down. Right now I feel bad, though, because I told him I'd catch him after work (we usually talk before we part ways and head home) but I wasn't able to. I hate not falling through with things. Can't wait for tomorrow so I can apologize. (I know, I know, I'm oversensitive. Blame the BPD.)


I am of the belief that, no matter how much we promote fairness and equality, people in charge will always have their favorites. And their favorites will generally be evident.


Just a word of advice to people seeking jobs: Unless you luck out with a truly caring boss, you'll want to keep most of your complaints to yourself. Only voice them if they're major, like if they're illegal or they severely hinder your ability to get work done. Though your boss may come across as open, and may tell you to voice concerns, most of the time he/she will undermine or sidestep them when you do. Because addressing and fixing problems requires effort, and few bosses want anything to do with that.


In the same vein as the previous point, as much as we preach speaking up and being heard, sometimes it's better to stay silent.   

Created at | Banner by C-91
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Reading: Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
  • Eating: Ice cream

[ ] I am shorter than 5' 4".
[X] I think I'm ugly sometimes.
[ ] I have many scars
[ ] I tan easily
[ ] I wish my hair was a different color
[ ] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color
[ ] I have a tattoo (not yet)
[X] I am self-conscious about my appearance
[ ] I've had braces
[X] I wear glasses
[ ] I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free
[X] I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger
[ ] I have more than 2 piercings
[ ] I have piercings in places besides my ears
[ ] I have freckles 

. family/home life .
[X] I've sworn at my parents 
[X] I've run away from home. (If by “run away” you mean camp out in the backyard with a bed sheet tent and PB and J sandwiches, then yes XD) 
[ ] I've been kicked out of the house 
[X] my biological parents are together 
[ ] I have a sibling less than one year old 
[ ] I want to have kids someday 
[ ] I've had children
[ ] I've lost a child 

. school/work .
[ ] I'm in school
[X] I have a job 
[ ] I've fallen asleep at work/school (I’ve gotten really, really close)
[X] I almost always do my homework (I almost always did, back when I was in school)
[X] I've missed a week or more of school 
[X] I've been on the Honor Roll within the last 2 years (I made the Dean’s List every semester  all four years of college :D)
[ ] I failed more than 1 class last year
[X] I've stolen something from my job (it was only a pen :P)
[ ] I've been fired

. embarrassment .
[?] I've slipped out an "lol" in a spoken conversation (not sure if i have or not)
[X] Disney movies still make me cry (some of them do)
[X] I've peed from laughing
[X] I've snorted while laughing
[X] I've laughed so hard I've cried
[X] I've glued my hand to something 
[X] I've had my pants rip in public 

. health .
[?] I was born with a disease/impairment (I’m not sure if I was born with my heart condition or if it developed gradually)
[ ] I've gotten stitches/staples
[X] I've broken a bone 
[ ] I've had my tonsils removed
[ ] I've sat in a doctor's office/emergency room with a friend 
[X] I've had my wisdom teeth removed
[ ] I had a serious surgery
[X] I've had chicken pox

. traveling .
[X] I've driven over 200 miles in one day
[X] I've been on a plane
[ ] I've been to Canada 
[ ] I've been to Mexico
[ ] I've been to Niagara Falls
[ ] I've been to Japan
[ ] I've celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans
[ ] I've been to Europe 
[ ] I've been to Africa

. experiences .
[X] I've gotten lost in my city
[X] I've seen a shooting star 
[?] I've wished on a shooting star (I think I have but I'm not sure)
[ ] I've seen a meteor shower
[X] I've gone out in public in my pajamas
[ ] I've pushed all the buttons on an elevator 
[ ] I've kicked a guy where it hurts
[ ] I've been to a casino
[ ] I've been skydiving 
[ ] I've gone skinny dipping 
[X] I've played spin the bottle
[ ] I've drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour 
[ ] I've crashed a car
[ ] I've been skiing
[X] I've been in a play
[ ] I've met someone in person from MySpace 
[?] I've caught a snowflake on my tongue (pretty sure I have, just can't pinpoint a specific memory)
[ ] I've seen the Northern lights 
[ ] I've sat on a roof top at night 
[ ] I've played chicken
[X] I've played a prank on someone
[?] I've ridden in a taxi (think so)
[ ] I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
[X] I've eaten sushi
[ ] I've been snowboarding

. relationships .
[X] I'm single 
[ ] I'm in a relationship
[ ] I'm engaged
[ ] I'm married
[ ] I've gone on a blind date
[ ] I've been the dumped more than the dumper
[X] I miss someone right now
[X] I have a fear of abandonment (We’re not even going to go there!)
[ ] I've gotten divorced 
[X] I've had feelings for someone who didn't have them back 
[X] I've told someone I loved them when I didn't 
[?] I've told someone I didn't love them when I did
[X] I've kept something from a past relationship 

. sexuality .
[X] I've had a crush on a teacher
[X] I am a cuddler
[ ] I've been kissed in the rain 
[ ] I've hugged a stranger
[X] I have kissed a stranger

. honesty/crime .
[X] I've done something I promised someone else I wouldn't.
[X] I've done something I promised myself I wouldn't
[X] I've snuck out of my house
[X] I have lied to my parents about where I am
[X] I am keeping a secret from the world
[X] I've cheated while playing a game 
[X] I've cheated on a test
[ ] I've run a red light
[ ] I've been suspended from school
[X] I've witnessed a crime
[ ] I've been in a fist fight
[ ] I've been arrested

. drugs/alcohol .
[X] I've consumed alcohol 
[X] I regularly drink (socially)
[X] I've passed out from drinking
[ ] I have passed out drunk at least once in the past 6 months
[X] I've taken painkillers when I didn't need them
[ ] I've eaten mushrooms
[ ] I've popped E 
[ ] I've inhaled Nitrous 
[ ] I've done hard drugs
[X] I have cough drops when I'm not sick
[ ] I can't swallow pills
[X] I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem (depending on how big they are) 
[X] I have been diagnosed with clinical depression
[X] I have been diagnosed with one or more anxiety disorder
[/] I shut others out when I'm depressed (yes and no; it’s hard to explain)
[X] I take anti-depressants
[ ] I'm anorexic or bulimic 
[X] I've slept an entire day when I didn't need it 
[X] I've hurt myself on purpose
[ ] I've woken up crying

. death and suicide .
[ ] I'm afraid of dying (I'm afraid of certain ways of dying, but as for dying itself, no)
[X] I hate funerals (Um, who likes them?)
[ ] I've seen someone dying 
[X] someone close to me has attempted suicide
[ ] someone close to me has committed suicide 
[X] I've planned my own suicide
[/] I've attempted suicide (sort of)
[ ] I've written a eulogy for myself (No, but I’ve written a suicide note)

. materialism . 
[ ] I own over 5 rap CDs
[ ] I own an iPod or MP3 player
[ ] I have an unhealthy obsession with anime/manga
[ ] I own multiple designer purses, costing over $100 a piece
[X] I own something from Hot Topic
[ ] I own something from Pac Sun
[ ] I collect comic books
[ ] I own something from The Gap
[X] I own something I got on Amazon
[ ] I own something from Abercrombie 

. random .
[ ] I can sing well 
[ ] I've stolen a tray from a fast food restaurant
[ ] I open up to others easily 
[ ] I watch the news
[ ] I don't kill bugs 
[X] I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for the sake of being able to rhyme
[X] I cuss regularly
[X] I sing in the shower
[ ] I am a morning person
[ ] I paid for my cell phone ring tone
[X] I'm a snob about grammar 
[ ] I am a sports fanatic 
[X] I twirl my hair
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name 
[ ] I love being neat
[ ] I love Spam
[ ] I've copied more than 30 CD's in a day
[ ] I bake well
[ ] my favorite color is either white, yellow, pink, red or blue
[ ] I've worn pajamas to school
[ ] I like Martha Stewart 
[ ] I know how to shoot a gun (I really want to learn)
[X] I am in love with love 
[ ] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS 
[X] I laugh at my own jokes
[ ] I eat fast food weekly
[ ] I believe in ghosts (I don’t really believe in them, but I don’t disbelieve in them either) 
[ ] I am online 24/7, even as an away message
[ ] I've not turned anything in and still got an A in a certain class
[ ] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room
[X] I am really ticklish
[X] I love dark chocolate (I love chocolate period) 
[X] I bite my nails
[ ] I play video games.
[X] I'm good at remembering faces
[ ] I'm good at remembering names
[ ] I'm good at remembering dates
[X] I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life

[X] I answered these questions truthfully


Created at | Banner by C-91
  • Mood: Content
  • Reading: Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
  • Watching: WWII in HD
  • Drinking: Lots and lots of tea

WWII, podcasts, and silver linings

Sun Jul 26, 2015, 2:31 PM
I must confess, I haven't been writing. I haven't written anything in... gosh, weeks. I have no excuse, really. Just not feeling the urge as of late. Been reading more, though, which is good. And watching Netflix. I've been working my way through a 10-episode documentary called WWII in HD. It's all real footage, no reenactments, and it's presented in High Definition. Very informative and intense. Highly recommended for history buffs. ;)

I've also been listening to this podcast called "Sword and Scale." You can download it for free onto your phone if you wish (or if you can; I'm not sure if it's phone-specific), or you can go to, click on podcast, and listen to it on your computer. Basically it's a true crime podcast that, for the most part, focuses on little to moderately known crime cases. It can get very disturbing, but it's also very educational, and in my opinion well worth a listen. I've gotten kind of addicted to it, being the psychology major that I am. :P

Work has been about like usual. Same old, same old. I'm pretty much just a little gear in a big machine, mechanically doing what I'm supposed to do. I wouldn't be truthful, however, if I didn't mention a silver lining that has recently appeared. There's this guy I've been talking to on a pretty regular basis. He works in the IT Department of the agency that I work for. We had run into each other on multiple occasions but had never really spoken to each other. Well, now that a new person has been hired to replace the co-worker who left (the one I talked about a few journals back) and she prefers taking her lunch a 1:00, I've been going at 12:00 which is his lunch time. We started talking, and... our conversations have become a godsend to me. He's the one who's got me hooked on "Sword and Scale" and watching WWII in HD. He's also got me wanting to read H.P. Lovecraft. He likes to discuss books, animals, philosophy, history, and morality, and he likes conflicted characters and messy endings and psychological horror films (like me!). He's read some of my written pieces and says I'm a talented writer. He tells me stories about his 4-year-old daughter that are absolutely hilarious. Simply put, he's my escape from work while at work. :D

Created at | Banner by C-91
  • Mood: Content
  • Reading: Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
  • Watching: WWII in HD
  • Drinking: Lots and lots of tea

3 Years

Thu Jul 23, 2015, 7:45 PM
I'm not really back yet; I just wanted to drop in, say hi, thank everyone for their supportive responses to my last journal, and state that it just dawned on me that my 3-year dA anniversary was a few weeks ago, on the 6th. I've been on dA, under this account, for 3 years. 

Happy (very belated) anniversary to me! :happybounce:

  • Reading: Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen

A song that makes me feel better

Sat Aug 1, 2015, 9:43 AM

Created at | Banner by C-91
  • Reading: Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen
  • Eating: Ice cream


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